Department of Stanley-Boyd?
Joint Committee begins talks for a possible police agreement

A work in process. That's potentially the best way to describe talks moving forward af ter the Common Council of Stanley voted to open talks with Boyd over a possible police agreement for shared services, or else a merger of the two.

"I'll make a motion to open up talks be tween Stanley and Boyd for a potential police agreement,” Council member Holly Kitch- ell said, seconded by Mike Henke. With the Council voting ‘yes’ to negotiations in a special meeting that saw four of seven members present (those absent being Rick Hodowanic, Jacob Huff, and Laurie Foster), the Monday night meeting preceding Tuesday talks was short lived, otherwise seeing a five-minute public hearing on the budget in which only Jason Meyer asked questions, followed with a series of resolutions making the 2022 budget official. As to what the Tuesday meeting to fol low might achieve in terms

“Again, this is just the beginning, so we would not want to speculate in any way,” Mayor Al Haas said of police talks, being ef fectively echoed by Boyd Village President Bob Geist.

Reached earlier on Monday afternoon, Stanley Police Chief Lance Weiland had a few details.

“It’s an open meeting obviously, so everyone’s welcome to attend,” Weiland said of the Tuesday November 30th meeting looking to start talks on shared services or a department merger of Stanley and Boyd, police wise. “As far as what that meetings going to look like, I really have no idea,” he said. Weiland expected that those attending would be himself, followed with Al Haas and Bob Geist as respective governmental heads, plus Casey Dorn of Boyd and Holly Kitchell, who oversees police matters for their communities.

With talks having commenced as of the present, the future of any possible agreement is unknown.

With a Monday Council vote officially authorizing the beginning of talks, the prospect of a "Stanley-Boyd Police Department" is closer, though far from being made official.

December 1, 2021