River Valley Band Christmas Concert

p he( R iver( r "lley( Woncert( V "nd7( under( the(direction(of(i r:(pom(i "eck7(is(ple"sed( to("nnounce(its(eleventh("nnu"l(Whristm"s( d olid"y(Woncert:(p he(concert(will('e(held( on( ound"y( Yecem'er( ABth( "t( Cpm( "t( ot:( l hilips(Whurch(in(d "stings7(loc"ted("t(AEth( and Pleasant. The program will include m"ny( of( your( Whristm"s( holid"y( f"vorite( songs(including("udience(sing9"9longs:((p he( '"nd( will( 'e( joined( 'y( speci"l( guest( per9 formers(of(the(highly("ccl"imed(V ells(of(the( V luffs( 'ell( choir( directed( 'y( i "rilee( T n9 derson who will add their special interpre 9 t"tions(of(the(Whristm"s(se"son:((p his(con9 cert(will(provide("(wonderful(st"rt(for(your( Whristm"s(cele'r"tions:((a veryone(is(invited( and are encouraged to bring their kids and grandchildren too. This concert has been a ye"rly( holid"y( tr"dition( for( m"ny( "nd( the( band is pleased to continue this season 9 "l(offering:((((T(food(don"tion(to(d "stings( b"mily(oervice(food(shelf(will('e(g"thered( "nd("(free(will(offering(to(support(the(V "nd( will('e(t"ken:(i erry(Whristm"s("nd(see(you( there.

December 1, 2021