Thanksgiving Day fire leaves family safe, home in ruins

Full reponse by Boyd-Edson-Delmar and Stanley Fire departments, water trucks from Cadott, four wheeler malfunction believed cause of fire

“It started from a malfunction of a four-wheeler,” Boyd-Edson-Delmar Fire Chief Ron Patten reported of a Thanksgiv – ing Day house fire at 35748 County MM this weekend.

The fire, which took place towards evening, took place when the family was home. Seeing smoke, they opened the ga –

rage door. A four-wheeler was on fire.

“The owners were home at the time and noticed smoke," Patten said. "They opened the garage door and a four-wheel- er was completely engulfed in flames," he said. "No one was injured in the fire. The family was able to get out to safety.”

With a full response coming from Boyd-Edson-Delmar and Stanley plus wa- ter trucks from Cadott, the fire crews at the mutual aid fire call were able to save the basement story of the house, while the upper floor and garage are considered to be a total loss. Patten said the American Red Cross from the Twin Cities had been contacted following the fire and that the family was staying in an area motel.

The property on MM is listed to Jesse Schneider on the Chippewa County GIS map, while Patten said that he was not aware of any fundraiser at present.

The above fire off County MM in Edson took place Thanksgiving Day and is believed to have been caused by a four-wheeler in the garage. Photo by Joseph Back.

December 1, 2021