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LETTERS to the Editor

Taxes are part of democracy

To the editor,

I read with interest the article posted by the Wisconsin Policy Forum titled “Wisconsin's drop in tax rate amongst the nation’s largest.” The article goes on to refer to taxes as a 'tax burden.'

While I may not always enjoy paying taxes I think the presumption that taxes are a burden vs. a responsibility does the conversation about taxes a disservice. We all want our roads plowed, we want schools for our children, vital services like community health care, agencies that protect our water and other natural resources. These and many more services are funded through taxes and allow our public employees to do their jobs, folks who deserve our appreciation.

We can disagree as to the specifics; however, a society where people are engaged, pay their taxes and participate in civil discourse is a heathy one. Taxes are part of democracy, not a 'burden.' And frankly it is my opinion that extolling the virtues of being a low tax state is not something to be proud of but that is a separate issue.

Phillip Kashian Ellsworth

CWD cause is obvious

To the editor,

Dear honorable Senator Smith: I recently read your editorial on CWD in the Pierce County Journal. I definitely agree on the urgency to stop the spread of the disease. However, I would like to have a discussion on how to do that. It is so obvious that the cause and spread is from deer and elk farms. Your editorial mentions the spread from Colorado to Wisconsin from elk farms. It is so disappointing to see the DNR look the other way and say we can end this by testing. Deer and elk were not meant to live in confinement, it causes disease, and it spreads. Look at the spread of CWD, it is always around a deer/elk farm, not a coincidence, you can see it in Minnesota as well. They cannot regulate (DNR) in Minnesota because the farms come under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture.

Most disturbing is that we have CWD in Eau Claire and Dunn County, the result in my opinion of the concurrence of deer and elk farms. I have been hunting deer for 45 years and see it not only as a tradition but a way of life. It is a major part of my family's diet. I would like to see what you could do to try and eliminate deer and elk farms in Wisconsin. I would offer whatever skills and time I can to help in this effort. Please contact me to share your thoughts.

Respectfully, John R. Parks Town of Martell

December 14, 2021