Snowman Shuwe

In the spirit of the holidays the SCA would like to encourage families to get out and explore the town, see the lights and spend time making memories! Figure out the riddles one by one to take you to the pieces of Mr. Snowman that have been scattered around town! But remember to leave the piece of Mr. Snowman where he is so that other families can find him too! 1. Once a piece of the snowman is found, snap a selfie with it and upload that picture to our facebook page, include your name in the comment on the photo. Each uploaded picture is an entry into prize drawings–the more pieces you find and upload the photo the more entries! The snowman pieces will be kept up Saturday December 18th, Sunday December 19th and Monday December 20th.

2. Snowman Pieces will be displayed OUTSIDE in WELL LIT AREAS.

3. If you don’t have facebook and want to participate you can also email your pictures to [email protected] to be entered into the drawing as well.

Grand prize is a basket that includes a $50 Mesquite Grill gift card, a $25 Stanley Theater gift card, and multiple other goodies. Second is a $30 Kwik Trip gift card. Third is a $15 Kwik Trip gift card.

See the Snowman Shuffle Clues below.

December 15, 2021