Not a fan of the cold and snow? It should be warm and toasty inside the Boyd School Gym for the Red Cross Christmas Blood Drive December 23. Why not stop on in? Be sure to
Stanley-Boyd Community Red Cross Christmas Blood Drive at Boyd Gym

Give something that means something this Christmas, the gift of a blood donation. The blood supply is currently dangerously low! The Red Cross is experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade. The dangerously low blood supply levels have forced some hospitals to defer patients from major surgery, including organ transplants. Your donation is desperately needed this holiday season.

Please schedule an appointment for the Stanley-Boyd Community Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday, December 23, 8:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Boyd School Gym. Masks are required. You may make an appointment by calling Donella Christianson at 715-644-3638.

Take time from your very busy Christmas season to donate blood. This is the greatest Christmas gift you can give and all it costs is a little of your time and the drive to Boyd. Patients need you to help them be able to continue to enjoy life.

Donate blood on Thursday, December 23.

December 15, 2021