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house and up into the river bluffs.

From there the rouse escalated quickly. We hid all of the shotguns and rifles except for one, my dad’s, which was placed right next to the door. The reindeer had been placed far enough up the river bluff that from a distance it did kind of look like a real deer. When the time was just right, someone yelled “deer.” From there the dominoes started to fall and that is how my dad ended up in the perfect position to take out one of Santa’s reindeer.

My dad leaned up against the side of the garage to steady for a shot as we all braced in anticipation. It was going almost better than expected until one of my brothers started to laugh and then we all eventually joined in. The next thing we knew, Dad was not looking through the scope of his rifle anymore, he was looking at us. He looked back at the reindeer, and then he looked back at us. The jig was officially up but not before he said to us: “That was funny boys.” Okay, that’s not exactly what my dad said but you can use your imagination here. To this day everyone in my family, except for one person, thinks the reindeer hoax is hilarious.

Merry Christmas and remember, don’t tell Dad.

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December 21, 2021