Dakota County keeps property tax levy flat for 2022

The Dakota County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday, Dec. 14 to keep the county property tax levy fiat in 2022 and approve the budget for next year. The county’s 2022 operating budget was set at $289.5 million — a 1,4percent decrease from currcnt spending.

The 2022 property tax levy was set at S 144.6 million. Dakota County will have the lowest county tax per capita in Minnesota for the seventh-straight year, and its tax rate will also be the lowest among Minnesota counties.

The operating budget will fund ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response efforts, essential public safety and social service programs, and popular county amenities such as parks and libraries.

Board Chair Mary Liz Hoi berg said the flat property tax levy helps residents and businesses.

“This budget funds our priorities, provides important services for residents and is fiscally responsible,' Holberg said. “Keeping the levy fiat is the result of hard work by county staff and the board's firm commitment to making Dakota County a premier place to live and work,' A typical Dakota County home valued at $308,300 that sees a 5.8-percent increase in market value will pay just $7 more in county tax next year, a 1-percent increase over 2021. Agricultural, commercial and industrial property that sees modest market value increases will pay less in county property tax.

All county spending in 2022. including the operating budget and capital improvement projects such as road construction and building maintenance, will total $441.7 million.

Dakota County has been debt-free since 2017.

December 22, 2021