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Great job Joe!

Hats off to Stanley Republican reporter Joseph Back on his coverage of the tornado that ripped through the Stanley community Wednesday night.

From before the storm hit, Joe was ready, camera in tow, to chronicle the event. More important, he was there to retell the stories of how the community came together in the wake of the tragedy. He was providing social media updates from the crack of dawn Thursday, when the community was able to take in the tragedy.

This edition of the Stanley Republican will be historic in significance, much like the one published by this newspaper in 1906 when fire wiped out much of the community. He has accurately chronicled the events of the last week. He caught the essence of what a great hometown Stanley is.

Good work Joe! *** There was criticism from some in Stanley when the city council committed to building to the Community Center in Chapman Park. Thank God our city leaders had the vision to move forward with it. The building was the hub of cleanup and relief operations. Countless meals were served there to those without power or, sadly, without homes. It was a warm space when temperatures in homes dipped below 50 degrees Friday. It was a place where the community could communicate, where phones could be charged, and help could be offered. *** The Stanley community is an incredible place. One reader pointed out that a team from the Huron Tavern went door-todoor for days bringing hot meals and warm beverages. “We don’t know what we’d have done without them,” he said. It’s just one of countless examples of this community coming together. *** At some point, our police and fire departments, public works and city leadership need to get the credit they deserve. Many didn’t sleep for days. Their service to community went above and beyond. *** It’ll be a different Christmas for many in our community this year, but the Spirit of Christmas is indeed alive and well in Stanley. From now on, let’s make a point of not having to suffer through a community tragedy to let our neighbors know how much we care! *** From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas!


December 22, 2021