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I had some does feeding out in front of me and while I did plan on taking a doe yet this season, on this night I was still buck hunting. When “No Brows Bob” stepped out 70 yards to my left, I figured it was all but a done deal. No Brows Bob is a buck that doesn’t have any brow tines or eye guards as they are sometimes called. He is also an older buck and I would guess his age at five and a half years old. I have seen him two other times this hunting season and both times he slipped away, leaving me with nothing more than a growing grudge against him. Well, that’s exactly what happened this time. When he saw the does, he blew by me so fast that the only thing I could do was shake my head and mutter a couple of unprintable words.

Now I will fast forward to a couple of days before Christmas. I was in a stand watching some deer and I could see a bigger deer making its way through the woods, heading my way. I glassed the deer and immediately saw that it was No Brows Bob. When he turned just right, I was waiting with my bow and let an arrow fly. This time luck was on my side, not his. The shot was good and only a few seconds later I watched him fall. My archery buck season was now officially over.

I was pretty pleased but now another issue came to light while I sat in the woods, basking in the glow of harvesting a nice buck. How was I going to get No Brows Bob home? A visual image of No Brows Bob in the back of the Honda never really came into focus. I don’t always have good instincts but I knew only one of us was riding home in the Honda. I needed to figure something out.

The drive home for me after a successful buck harvest is always a sweet one. The vehicle warms up quickly as I get swept up in the glow of confidence and accomplishment. I have never bagged such a nice archery buck so late in the season so it was indeed a great and unexpected surprise. The second greatest surprise of the day was parked in my driveway when I got home: My truck was fixed! .…“ Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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December 28, 2021