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LETTER to the Editor

Joe Manchin did not block BBB

The headlines shout: “Joe Manchin blocks Biden’s agenda”. This is the equivalent of saying, “the last batter in the ninth inning struck out and lost the game”. Joe Manchin is only one man and has only one vote. The reason that Biden’s Build Back Better plan will fail is that 50 Republican Senators will vote against it.

These 50 Republicans are voting against affordable child care, affordable health care, affordable education, affordable housing, improved care for older Americans and Americans with disabilities, a plan to combat climate change and, finally, an attempt to relieve the tax burden on the middle class by requiring rich individuals and wealthy corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.

It is unlikely that all 50 Republicans are truly against everything in Biden’s plan, but the reality is that they will all vote against it. The GOP has become the “Galvanized Opposition Party”. No compromise is allowed. If the Democrats propose it, they are against it even though Biden’s plan addresses the problems that face most middle-class Americans. They say “it costs too much”, but these are the same people who passed a trillion-dollar tax cut for the rich in 2017 with no concern about the strain it placed on the budget.

The needs of the majority of Americas are dramatically clear. What is not clear is why some representatives of those Americans repeatedly vote against addressing those needs.

John O’Connell Saint Paul. MN

December 29, 2021