Plum City Care Center Chatter

By Laura Kadlec

Activities Director & Music Therapist

Music started out the week with carols about Santa. There are many from which to choose. We ended our song time with “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” which is so very poignant during this time of our residents’ lives. Mail delivery followed lunch and the mail piles continue to grow, along with the packages! It makes Christmas last for weeks with all the gifts arriving in the mail. We also receive gifts from our community. They share their love and concern through candy, fruit, blankets, plus cards from kids and adults alike; all wishing us a Merry Christmas. We enjoyed our popcorn social just before a good game of bean bags later in the afternoon. Nancy Bishop and Beryl Anderson shared fourth place followed by Shirley Klinski coming in at third place. Earning the rights as a second-place finisher was Frances White. Top honors went to Irene Converse in first place. Supper arrived and a few late-nighters stayed up for fruit bingo. Thanks to Joyce Berger for helping out with fruit rewards and clean up.

Tuesday morning was full of many more Christmas songs. Name That Tune stumped a few of our guessers but with a hint or two, they were usually able to come up with the title. Our winners this week were: Fourth place, Barb Smith; third place, Aileen Wayne; second place, Shirley Klinski; first place champ, Mary Ellen Coulson. Our baking bunch spent the afternoon making and frosting cookies. So many cut-out shapes from which to choose! Stars, by far, were the most popular. And there were sprinkles flying, literally everywhere! I’m sure they are still stuck to the bottoms of chair legs and maybe a few wheelchair tires. We squirreled them away once completed to save for our social time the next day. We cleaned up, licked our fingers full of sprinkles, and settled in for our weekly church service. Pastor Darren Catron and Irene Hoffman from Lund Covenant led our service at this special time of year as we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus. The evening was concluded with a fun group of dice games. High roller was Penny Stafford followed by Nancy Bishop.

Wednesday was our day to finish up making our Christmas video. We rewrote the lyrics to “The 12 Days of Christmas,” beginning with “On the first day of Christmas a resident said to me…”. Check out our Facebook page to see the whole video and if you can last through the video, you will be rewarded with our own bloopers at the end! You don’t need a Facebook account to views our photos or videos. After lunch, we caught a quick nap and woke to the sound of reindeer hooves and bells. Santa had arrived!

And he had Mrs. Claus and his faithful dog, Buzz with him! It was a grand time with peppermint ice cream, holiday music, and gifts for everyone – naughty or nice. Santa had his picture taken with each of us and soon it was time for him go head back to the North Pole and get ready for Christmas delivery.

Thursday morning brought folks in to listen to the news from the Courier Wedge and the Pierce County Journal. We like to stay tuned in to all the happenings of our community. Lana Ingli came to read, share stories, and tell a few jokes. After lunch, manicures were offered. Our ladies had beautiful combinations of red, green and many, many sparkles. Brad arrived with his pups and the dining room was filled with barks of happy puppies playing. Our evening was completed with a fast-paced game of pokeno. Big winner was Shirley Klinski.

The drummers kept everyone in step with their playing on Friday morning. Some of our visitors sang along with the tunes or simply tapped their toes. After lunch, and naps all around, we headed to the dining room for an oldie, but goodie: “It’s A Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. Stacey served egg nog and we reminisced about the good old days that that movie reminds us of. After supper, we stayed up a bit and enjoyed watching another favorite, “A Christmas Carol.” We love to watch these movies at least once during the holiday season.

We send holiday greeting to all our friends in the surrounding communities who keep in contact with us through our local papers. We would love a visit, phone call, or note in the mail just to say hello. Stay warm and come when you can! The coffee pot’s always on!

Sandy Messier told Santa everything she wanted for Christmas

Aileen Wayne thought Santa should get going and finish his deliveries.

Photos by Laura Kadlec

This little elf crawled right up on great-grandma Connie Kannel's lap to see Santa!

Ray Burg said he would consider Santa's invitation to work making toys at the North Pole.

Sandy and Willie Lindstrom said they would consider taking over Santa and Mrs. Claus once Santa reached retirement age.

Santa said Jean McDonough was ALWAYS on the nice list. He wasn't too sure about Slim, though.

January 4, 2022