Lake Holcombe School now has a pickleball court

Courier Sentinel

With the community in mind, the Lake Holcombe School recently added pickleball court lines to their new gym. Pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis and is growing in popularity. The community is invited to participate in a pickleball group that meets Wednesday nights from 6-9 pm. +++ The Cadott Public Works Department is looking to purchase a portable welder to deal with water line freeze-ups. The need arose when their contracted service provider asked the village for a hold-harmless agreement. It was noted that the City of Cornell and the City of Stanley have such a unit and could provide training for Cadott workers. Village Board members approved spending up to $5,000 for a new, or used portable welder, if a suitable one could be found.+++ LH Products, a Lake Holcombe student-run business is on pace to reach their sales goal of $10,000. Entirely self-funded, the business turns out wood coaster, key chains, ornaments, bucket toppers and fish boards for scaling. The popular fish scaling boards are practically out the door as soon as they are made. +++ Looking for a new winter-friendly activity? Starting January 3, the Lake Holcombe School District will offier free, weekly community yoga classes. The classes will meet Monday nights from 6-7 pm in the high school choir room.

The Thorp Courier

On December 21, children attending the Thorp Catholic School opened their Christmas Program with all students singing, “Happy Birthday Jesus.” This year’s concert was under the direction of Miss Sue Ann Hedler. +++ The two day Thorp Blood Drive, held on December 21 and 22, was a great success. The goal was to collect 90 units and the 102 units collected resulted in an excellent drive. +++ From the Thorp Courier Archives: Dance at Rock-Nee Gardens New Year’s Eve Night, January 1, 1937.

Presenting Emil Daellenbach and His Little German Band. Ad- mission: Gents 25 cents Ladies Free.

Bloomer Advance

A new business in Bloomer is offering help to those who want to enhance their academics or music fundamentals. Joseph and Laurie Hull wanted to make a difference in the Bloomer Community by helping people be who they were meant to be. They are achieving their goal at LTC Teaching Center, 1506 Main Street in Bloomer. +++ Julie Chojnachi cerebrated her golden birthday on December 11. She generously donated all of her birthday money to the victims of the Stanley tornado. +++ Royal Credit Union is donating $30,000 to Tree Trust, a non-profit organiza tion committed to transforming lives and landscapes. Located in St. Paul, MN, the funds will be used to purchase a compact utility loader for use in their Career Pathway Landscaping and Tree Care Program, The Sentinel & Rural News

Multi-Media Channels (MMC) has purchased The Sentinel & Rural News, located in Owen, from Travis and Nicole Rogers.

This is the newspaper that billed itself as a paper that “told good news and highlighted the people and businesses of Central Wisconsin,” including Owen, Withee. Curtiss, Thorp, Greenwood, Gilman, Abbotsford, Colby and Spencer. According to the Rogers, MMC has greater resources and a vast experience to move the newspaper to the outreach and an impact that was envisioned by them. Patrick Wood, CEO explained that MMC has a history of putting the local community first and that he plans to continue this tradition with his new paper. MMC is a family owned company that publishes 30 print publications, including 22 weeklies and 17 digital channels that serve central, northern and eastern regions in Wisconsin. The Rogers will continue to contribute articles to the publication.

January 5, 2022