Bella Birch Boutique opens in new SV space

SPRING VALLEY – Bella Birch Boutique recently opened its doors in early December. After years of hosting an online shop, the owner decided it was time to find a permanent spot to expand.

Shop Owner Kylie Morgan has been the owner and operator of Bella Birch Boutique for the past two years. She started out online after frustrations with finding clothing she liked while shopping.

“It started about two and a half years ago and the problem I had was I hated going out shopping because the fashion was just constantly changing and I was never really finding what I was looking for or if I was finding it, I just didn’t like the price so I started looking into this,” she said.

After starting the business, she realized she loved it, continued to expand and dominated her online platform. After many months of only having an online shop, the thought of opening a brickand- mortar location crossed her mind.

“I was online for two years and then I was always getting requests to try stuff on and how certain pieces fit and those types of questions and the location popped up and my husband encouraged me to go for it and now here we are,” Morgan said.

Morgan does this all on her own with the help and support of her family. She used to be a stay-at-home mom of two and now that they are both in school, this was a great opportunity for her to focus on her growing business.

“Being a stay-at-home mom of two, it was hard to go out shopping with them, which was another reason I started this business,” Morgan said. “Now that both of my kids are in school this was a good chance for me to open the store.”

The store has been open with limited hours and variations of open hours while she is still transitioning to the permanent space. While the store hours are still being solidified, the online shop will continue to remain up and running.

Since opening, the store has hosted some events including having a Santa and Mrs. Claus meet and greet.

“I had found out that nobody in town had Santa coming to Spring Valley for a meet and greet, so we threw together a last-minute Santa day and everyone was so thrilled,” she said.

Morgan wants to host more events in the future after the successful meet and greet.

Aside from the clothing that has always been sold online at Bella Birch Boutique, Morgan is adding new products to her permanent store. She will be trying out some home decor and other fun products.

“I’ve been bringing in a lot more gift items and some home decor and smaller items that you might not want to place an online order for. I’ve been adding those types of products at the actual store location,” she said.

She is excited to continue growing her business in Spring Valley. Being a part of the community for so long has given her a unique opportunity to fit well into the town.

“I’m just really excited to grow the business and offer all the local people things right here in town that you don’t necessarily want to run to the nearest town for when getting gifts or getting a new outfit, and it is so nice to be able to get to meet people,” she said.

To learn more about Bella Birch Boutique (S1097 Westland Drive, Spring Valley) and to follow along on Morgan’s journey, follow Bella Birch Boutique on Instagram and Facebook or visit bellabirchboutique. com.

Bella Birch Boutique now has a permanent location at S1097 Westland Drive in Spring Valley. Photo courtesy of Kylie Morgan

Owner Kylie Morgan modeling some of her Bella Birch Boutique merchandise. Photo courtesy of Kylie Morgan

A busy day at the new permanent location of Bella Birch Boutique in Spring Valley. Photo courtesy of Kylie Morgan

January 11, 2022