Land Transfers

PIERCE COUNTY Land Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded by the Pierce County Register of Deeds Jan. 3-7.

Jan. 3 Michelle K. Filkins to Rebecca S. & Bradley J. Marko, Lot 4, Block 76, NN & OS Powell’s Addition, City of River Falls.

Pittman Iverson Kumer Partnership LLP to LGP Realty Holdings LP, Pt. NW-NW, Sec. 10, City of River Falls.

Dean & Sandra G. Madson to Jillian & Lane Larson, Lots 12-13, Block 1, Gaarden’s Addition, Village of Spring Valley.

Nicholas Jadinak Jr. & Mary J. Foster Trust to Trebus Investments LLC, Pt. NW-NW, Sec. 10, Town of River Falls.

Gary N. Knutson to Joshua &

Rebecca Kiefer, Pt. NE-SE & SE-SE, Sec. 20, Town of Gilman.

Jan. 4 Douglas & Anne Claflin to Dakota Justice, N ½, Lot 11 and all of Lot 12, Block 13, Original Plat, Village of Elmwood.

Mark A. & Barbara R. McKinney to Victoria Douville, Lot 18, French’s Second Addition, City of Prescott.

Allen F. Most & Lynn W. Most Family Limited Partnership to Oevering Homes LLC, Lots 47, 52, 64, 68 and 85, Great River’s Second Addition, City of Prescott.

Sharon Ruehmling to Michael Grant & Patricia Ann Cochran, Lot 18, Kenall’s Valley View Addition, City of Prescott.

Delores C. Pechacek Trust to Gary J. & Patricia A. Pechacek, SESE, Sec. 18, Town of Clifton.

Jan. 5 Douglas J. Cudd & Gerald E. Morrow to Andrew Hanvelt, Tyler Tomesh & Ben Hanvelt, NE-NW, Sec. 12, City of River Falls.

Binkowski Oil LLC to Eau Claire Co Operative Oil Company,

Pt. NW-NW, Sec. 22, Village of Plum City.

Shirley A. Hubers Trust to Jason R. Hopkins, SE-SW, Sec. 21, Town of River Falls.

Logan & Abby Kemmerer to Morgan Hines, Lots 1, 2, 35 and 36, Block 1, West Side Addition, Village of Ellsworth.

Aspen Creek LLC to Alison Gau, Lot 23, Aspen Creek, Town of Oak Grove.

Jan. 6 Rodney A. Filkins Trust to Nate Kochendorfer, Pt. SW-SW, Sec. 15, Town of Clifton.

Bald River Properties LLC to Kwik Trip Inc., Pt. NW-SE, Sec. 7, City of River Falls.

EW Homes Inc. to Gordon & Diane Erickson, Lot 34, The Palmetto, City of Prescott.

Wayne C. & Linda J. Miklian to Andre & Elizabeth Ann Hoehn, Lot 18, Hillwood Addition, Town of River Falls.

Fieldstone Family Homes Inc. to David & Carmen Burleigh, Lot 12, The Palmetto, City of Prescott.

Doyle D. Anderson to Gary N. Knutson, Pt. SW-SE, Sec. 17, Town of Gilman.

Falcon Heights LLC to Falcon Heights Syndicate LLC, Outlot 227 & 228, Amended Assessor’s, City of River Falls.

Gregory & Sherry Wells to Jan T. & Eric Hatling, Pt. SW-SW, Sec. 9, Town of Spring Lake.

Jan. 7 Tony G. & Jacquelyn A. Hetchler to William R. & Rebecca A. Drath, Lot 41, Bartosh’s Third Park View Addition, City of River Falls.

Ronald S. Nyeggan to John A. Holst, Pt. Lot 2, Block 16, Original Plat, Village of Ellsworth.

January 11, 2022