CG Man arrested on warrants for 3rd degree burglary, other charges

Joshua Rinehart faces three burglary charges, theft and check forgery

A Cottage Grove man arrested at 12:36 a.m. January 12th on a bench warrant for three counts of third degree steal/commit felony or gross misdemeanor along with two additional charges, is due to appear in court January 20 for a contested revocation hearing.

Taken into custody at the Washington County Jail, 29-year-old Joshua David Rinehart is charged in addition with Theft – take/use/ transfer movable property no consent as well as Check forgery-Offer/possess with intent to defraud.

Bench warrants, like their name implies are sworn out from the judge’s bench, and can be issued for not appearing in court at the time and date indicated. Their general aim as such, is to force court appearance, often with bail amount attached.

As to the five charges faced by Rinehart, the three counts of burglary in the third degree each carry a possible sentence of up to five years or payment of a $10,000 maximum fine, or both, while the check forgery charge carries an additional five years or $10,000 maximum fine (or both), with varying penalty for the theft charge, depending on circumstances.

Rinehart was placed on a 36-hour hold through January 14 at Noon in relation to the above charges, with a contested revocation hearing January 20 at 10 a.m., at Stillwater.

January 19, 2022