Important to note for the May 7 cleanup is traffic flow, ensuring that no accidents or other slow down events happen.Image from Cottage Grove Spring Cleanup flyer.
Annual Spring Clean Up Day is May 7


Get your spring cleaning done?

If not, May 7, 2022 is the day to remember. On that day, Cottage Grove residents will have the opportunity (not a mandate) to get rid of that “hard-to-get-rid-of trash,” should they so choose.

As to the spring cleanup details for May 7, not everything gets put together so easily—if at all. On that day, City public works employees will be down at the Public Works Garage at 8635 West Point Douglas Road South in Cottage Grove from 7 a.m. in the morning up to 3 p.m., taking larger items like hot water heaters, sofas, and yes, ‘appliances,’ for the rock bottom disposal fee of $5. Mattresses and box springs, on the other hand, are $20 each and commercial or RV appliances are $75 and up, while crib mattresses are free. Cash or checks only for payment please, written out (if a check) to City of Cottage Grove.

On an important cleanup note, the City will not accept household hazardous materials at the Cottage Grove Spring Cleanup Day. Such items should instead be driven to the Washington County Environmental Center at 4039 Cottage Grove Drive, where such ‘hazardous materials’ are accepted year round. Should you have questions on this or related matter, the City of Cottage Grove can be reached at 651-458-2808.

As to the May 7 Spring Cleanup for Cottage Grove residents, this is the short list for items and associated fees, sorted by categories: Household Goods

• Hot Water Heater – $5

• Water Softener – $5

• Washer or Dryer (each) $5

• Stove – $5

• Refrigerator (No gas ammonia) – $5

• Freezer – $5 • Dishwasher – $5

• Microwave – FREE

• Air Conditioner – $5

• Dehumidifier – $5

• Commercial or RV appliances – $75 and up

• Sofa – $10

• Chair – $5

• Box Spring or Mattress $20

• Crib Mattress – FREE Tires and Batteries

• Car/Light Truck Tire – $2

• Semi Truck Tire – $8

• Tractor Tire – $30

• Car Battery – No Charge

• Miscellaneous Material By Load

• Car Trunk – $15 to $45

•Station Wagon/SUV – $20 to $60

• Pickup Truck (level load) – $40 to $120 (Proportional rates may be applied to partial loads and overloaded trucks) Treated Lumber

• 2 x 4 – $4/piece

• 4 x 4 – $7/piece

• 6 x 6/ 6 x 8/Railroad Tie $10 a piece Electronics accepted FREE

• Computers, monitors, & accessories


•TVs, DVD, and VCR players

•Phones, cell phones, and fax machines

• Microwave ovens Having covered the list, one last note remains. That note, on traffic flow, is to progress south down West Point Douglas Road and around the corner at 96th Street South to Irvin Avenue towards the Public Works Garage. Cooperation on the part of everyone in this will help ensure that the day goes smoothly.

The city street sweeper was out recently getting streets ready for spring on 80th Street South at Ivystone Avenue.Photo by Joseph Back.

April 27, 2022