This bird hangs out above the river, then swoops and dives towards the water before quickly recovering itself.
Birds watching

Spending time on the south side of town recently, we took some photos of river and prairie residents. The trouble is, we’ve little to no idea what most of them are. Perhaps an ornithologist or amateur bird watcher can help us out. Do you know these area residents? If so, let us know! Email [email protected] We’ll try to do a newspaper followup with the answers. All bird photos by Joseph Back.

This bird was spotted on the shoulder off Grey Cloud Trail South, just north of Hazen P. Mooers Park.

This one is trying to get a better look at the human (we think).

We saw this documentary. Maybe a kingfisher?

Small and pointy beaked, this bird was prancing on the ground.

The stripe above the eye might be key to identifying this somewhat fuzzy denizen. Then again, it might not.

This bird’s red eye isn’t from camera flash interference. It was bright and sunny out. He/she does like hopping through scrub brush though.

Short stubby beak with a yellow body, plus black wings sporting a stripe of white.

This male or perhaps female, was clinging to a long seed stalk at Grey Cloud Dunes SNA last year.

This looks like a heron of some type, from last year out at Grey Cloud Channel.

Red Wing Black Bird. We’d know that wing patch anywhere.

This looks like some type of sparrow to our untrained eye, but resolution issues make it difficult.

May 11, 2022