LETTER to the Editor Successful National Night Out/Night to Unite event

I want to thank everyone who participated in and made National Night Out / Night to Unite successful on Tuesday night. My wife Dawn and I hosted in our neighborhood for many years and even with great help from neighbors we know how much time and effort is put into hosting.

I attended several parties but there just isn’t enough time to make it to all of them. I know that politicians aren’t as popular as fire trucks and police cars, but I always enjoy meeting people at these parties and I love seeing so many people enjoying the company of their families, friends and neighbors.

I was also encouraged by the number of people who said they would be voting for me for State Senate in the upcoming primary. I’m currently finishing my third term as your state representative and am now trying to continue my service as your next state senator. But, if I don’t win the Republican primary election on August 9, I will not be on the November election ballot. So I humbly ask for your support, and encourage you to head to your voting location on Tuesday, August 9 and vote Tony Jurgens for State Senate in the Republican primary.

Thanks again for being a community supporter and making National Night Out / Night to Unite a continued success. Tony Jurgens Jurgens is a State Representative for House District 54B and a candidate for State Senate in District 41

August 3, 2022