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Some are show horses, and others are work horses

LETTER to the Editor

To the editor: I am writing in support of Keith Franke for Washington County Commissioner. In my time as State Representative, I have worked closely with both candidates for Washington County Commissioner so I have a unique perspective on their abilities to represent their constituents through collaboration and teamwork.

Keith is a lifelong resident of this area and has served his community as a St. Paul Park Mayor, City Councilmember and as a Minnesota State Representative. As the owner of two St. Paul Park establishments, Franke’s Corner Bar and the Park Café, he experienced the same fear, uncertainty and doubt that other business owners have faced since the beginning of the pandemic. He understands the real world challenges of the skyrocketing cost of products, labor shortages and government mandated shutdowns. During all this, he continues to strive to be the best father, grandfather, employer, friend and public servant he can be.

There is a saying at the Capitol that some members are “show horses” and some members are “work horses.” A work horse will work with others to get something done for their constituents, doesn’t care who gets credit, and earns the respect of their colleagues. A show horse is someone who never misses a photo opportunity, panders to every person on every issue, then points a finger at others for their lack of results. Keith Franke is the work horse we need representing us as our next Washington County Commissioner.

Please join me in voting for Keith Franke on or before Election Day!

Sincerely, Tony Jurgens State Representative, 54B

November 2, 2022