A Look Back


30 years ago WASHINGTON COUNTY BULLETIN November 5, 1992 Reported by Chris Baldus from 30 years ago, the All Seasons Golf Dome was set to open Dec. 15 on West Point Douglas Road. The dome to be made of fabric identical to that of the Metrodome roof, would have an inside driving range with 34 stalls, as well as a vending area and a pro shop.

“Basically, the name says it all,” Bill Barnhart told the Bulletin as part owner of the Golf Dome.

40 years ago THE WASHINGTON COUNTY BULLETIN November 11, 1982 Coming in the week of November 11 forty years ago, defeated Afton council member Finn Courneyover was seeking a recount after losing to Kenn Kopitzke by one vote.

At the same time, a survey was seeing if there was interest in a Catholic school for the St. Paul Park area, after financial difficulty and declining enrollment had caused the previous school to close. While public school enrollment was reportedly declining, interest in a parochial school, was strong. School advocate and Newport resident Tammy Mitchell said that while many said they were unable to pay, “most say that there is a need for a Catholic parochial school.” Mitchell took her findings from 2,000 surveys mailed out to members of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Rita parishes. Among the many pluses of a parochial school system? Encouraging moral values.

50 years ago THE WASHINGTON COUNTY BULLETIN November 2, 1972 Coming in with 72 percent of the vote at Crestview Elementary, incumbent Richard Nixon polled in with 184 votes to 64 for George McGovern. The mock election held the previous week for students in grades four to six also saw one percent of the vote— three votes total—go to American Choice Party candidate John Schmitz, while Benjamin Spock of the People’s party received two percent, or four votes.

Back at Washington, Nixon had just signed a bill that placed 52 miles of the St. Croix River in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System, with the National Park Service administering the 27 miles between Taylor Falls and Stillwater, while the states administered the 25 miles between Stillwater and the Mississippi, per agreement.

Farming and rural life 120 years ago PRESCOTT TRIBUNE September 12, 1902 How to be happy.

Don’t contradict people, even if you’re sure you’re right.

Don’t be inquisitive about the affairs of even your most intimate friend.

Don’t underrate anything because you don’t possess it.

Don’t believe that everybody else in the world is happier than you.

Don’t conclude that you have never had any opportunities in life. Don’t repeat gossip, even if it does interest a crowd.

Don’t go untidy on the plea that everybody knows you.


159 years ago THE HASTINGS CONSERVER May 28, 1863 Ordination. –Mr. J. W. Miller, of Prescott, and Mr. Gill, of River Falls, were ordained to the ministry at Prescott on Tuesday evening last, by an ecclesiastical council in which Hammond, Malone, Hudson, Afton, Cottage Grove, Prescott, and River Falls were represented. The services were well attended, and quite interesting.

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