‘Shop Small’ banner highlighting some of the local small businesses in Cottage Grove. Graphic courtesy of the City of Cottage Grove
‘Shop Small’ encouraged on Nov. 26

The Cottage Grove City Council has declared Saturday, November 26 to be “Small Business Saturday”. In a show of support for small businesses in the city, the goal is to recommend that residents do their best to shop locally on that day, as well as to raise general awareness about the many small businesses that make up Cottage Grove.

This has evolved into an annual event, with Mayor Myron Bailey pointing out that the Saturday following Thanksgiving has become the preferred day to highlight and bolster local businesses.

Councilmember Steve Dennis read the official proclamation aloud at the November 2 City Council meeting. He prefaced the proclamation by noting that he is a small business investor in the community and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. He praised the contributions made by small businesses to local economies, ultimately representing 99.7% of all firms retaining paid employees in the country, and responsible for 62% of all new jobs created since 1995.

“Consumers understand the importance of supporting the small businesses in their community on Small Business Saturday, with 70% of people reporting the day makes them want to encourage others to shop small, independent-owned retailers. 66% report that the day makes them want to shop small all year long,” said Dennis. “The mayor and city council of Cottage Grove urge the residents of our community and communities across the country to support small businesses and merchants on Small Business Saturday, and throughout the year.”

Dennis discussed a program called the 3/50 Project, which suggests if everyone made it a goal to spend $50 per month between three local businesses of their choosing, the result would be an impact of $43 billion in revenue sales nationwide. He suggested that people pick three businesses that they would miss if they were not there, and make it a point to support them on a regular basis.

November 9, 2022