The main issue with the ordinance from business owners was its perceived unfair application, as the ordinance was still new and open to interpretation.November 2, 1972
A Look Back




November 18, 1982 Coming in for news from Doug Champeau 40 years ago, a group of parishioners from St. Thomas Aquinas had driven downtown for a special dinner, serving the city’s hungry The Dorothy Day Center named for the social activist and founder of The Catholic Worker newspaper was said to be central to the volunteer’s work. With times tough and many in need, the volunteer work was a parish affair, with some 17 people preparing meals since March.

“We’re not solving the world’s problems,” said one participant. “We feed the hungry.”

50 years ago THE WASHINGTON COUNTY BULLETIN November 9, 1972 Announced by Cottage Grove Mayor Roger Peterson, bus service had been approved for Cottage Grove and would begin “about Dec. 1,” it was made known. Plans were for an express bus from Cottage Grove to downtown St. Paul each day, with the route circling the city before heading up Highway 61 to St. Paul.

Reported by Sharon Ross at Newport, meanwhile, was the news that the village council had decided to establish a citizen’s committee to explore the controversial and proposed license fee ordinance, calling for fees from local businesses and passed it was said to give the village “some control” over things like gas stations, car rental agencies, vending machines and dance halls, to name a few.

The main issue with the ordinance from business owners was its perceived unfair application, as the ordinance was still new and open to interpretation.

November 2, 1972

Calling it a “Super Sunday” for the East Suburban Football Association, an article by Fred Johnson shared that the Cottage Grove Packs and Polar Chev Saints had grabbed the ESFA championship and Midget title, respectively Holding forth in letters to the editor, meanwhile, a Cottage Grove resident named Mike asked why politics never change and said that one of the candidates in 51B had resorted to mud slinging, “usually a tactic of a losing campaign.” The candidate charged with mudslinging would later go on to lose the race for the seat in question.

Farming and rural life 120 years ago WASHINGTON COUNTY JOURNAL “Independent and Impartial” October 31, 1902 News Gathered during the week The small pox epidemic at South Stillwater is practically checked and only a few new cases have been discovered during the past week or ten days. There are no serious cases, the disease being in mild form.

The output of the St. Croix boom exceeded 150,000,000 for the season last night, and it is expected the total output will reach 100,000,000. Many logs will remain in Nevers dam at the close of the season, thus ensuring an early resumption of sorting next spring, at which time it is expected loggers will have a brisk demand for logs.

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