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Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving


• Cell phones – turn off cell phones, or plce them out of reach to avoid the urge to dial or answer. If a passenger is present, ask them to handle calls/texts.

• Music nd other controls – pre-progrm fvorite rdio st tions for easy access and arrange music (mp3 player/CDs/tapes) in an easy-to-access spot. Adjust mirrors and heat/AC before traveling, or ask a passenger to assist.

• Nvigtion – designte pssenger to serve s co-pilot to help with directions. If driving alone, map out destinations in advance, and pull over to study a map.

• Eting nd drinking – try to void food/beverge, t lest messy foods, and be sure food and drinks are secured.

• Children – tech children the importnce of good behvior in a vehicle; do not underestimate how distracting it can be to tend to children while driving.

• Pssengers – spek up to stop drivers from distrcted driv ing behavior.

• When making/receiving a call, ask if the person is driving. If so, ask them to call back at a safer time.

• Cell phone use is totally banned for school bus drivers.

• Cell phone use is totally banned for teen drivers during their permit and provisional license stages.


November 16, 2022