Owner Hannah Reis inside Burn Boot Camp at 8700 E. Point Douglas Road South, in Cottage Grove. Submitted photo.
Minnesota’s newest Burn Boot Camp opens in Cottage Grove

A ribbon-cutting event was held on Jan. 3, 2023

Cottage Grove, Minnesota – The state’s newest Burn Boot Camp location is open at 8700 E Point Douglas Rd S, Cottage Grove, MN, Suite 102. Burn Boot Camp Cottage Grove, run by franchise partner Hannah Reis, will have a formal ribbon-cutting event at 3 p.m. on Jan. 3, 2023.

Reis, of Mesa, Arizona, is about to hit her year mark living in Minnesota. Reis and her husband and their two daughters moved here to open and operate Burn Boot Camp Cottage Grove.

Reis is a natural athlete, though she was never as interested in traditional team sports or watching sports. Instead, she preferred the camaraderie as part of the swimming teams at the high school, college, and professional levels. Reis had a creative approach to athletics and staying fit; while attending and swimming at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, Reis joined the synchronized swimming team at SeaWorld San Antonio, where she swam with beluga whales.

Burn Boot Camp matches that creativity and drive to achieve personal health goals. The sessions—called “camps” at Burn Boot Camp—are organized into different strength and conditioning days throughout the week. Members typically attend multiple camps a week at a time that works with their schedule.

In talking about the personal appeal of Burn Boot Camp, Reis said, “I wanted my daughters to see that strong looks different.” She had grown up around hearing that there is a certain aesthetic or mold that athletes must fit. She did not want her daughters hearing that same message.

Visitors to Burn Boot Camp Cottage Grove can drop their kids off at the childcare room, which purposefully is fitted with a large window so children can see their parents working out a few feet away. “We celebrate strong, not skinny,” said Reis. “We want to flip the mentality on fitness and celebrate what our bodies can do.”

The location has been in a soft opening phase since mid-December and will kick off with more daily camps after the Jan. 3 ribbon cutting. Reis emphasized that many people feel comfortable at Burn Boot Camp because of the focus on personal goals. The trainers demonstrate the entire workout after a warmup, and then members get to work. Reis highlighted the level of accountability members feel by showing up at the same time multiple days a week.

“Members are loving it so far. They are emulating the ‘Burn’ culture. We want to be part of their journey through physical transformation, of course, but my ‘why’ is the mental transformation. We watch that sense of self-confidence elevate when people have a space and a platform where people can push themselves. That confidence bleeds into every other aspect of their lives.”

Reis and her staff have already been very involved in the local community in their short time in the area. They have stepped in as a sponsor at multiple city events and they plan to do more of the same.

A play pen at Burn Boot Camp, a place for the kids while parents burn calories. Submitted photo.

The children’s play area at Burn Boot Camp, for use while parents exercise. Submitted photo.

Hannah Reis with three important verbs: Inspire, Empower, and Transform. Submitted photo.

January 4, 2023