David Jovet
Police pursuit leads to DWI arrest

David Jovet, 53, Cottage Grove, was charged Jan. 6 with felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, gross misdemeanor 2nd degree driving while impaired and gross misdemeanor 3rd degree driving while impaired.

On Jan. 4, 2023, the Minnesota State Patrol received a driving complaint from a citizen near the area of southbound US Highway 52 and Concord Boulevard in Inver Grove Heights. The report was a of silver BMW “driving all over the road at varying speeds from 40-60 mph, weaving, and almost driving off the roadway.”

State Patrol located the silver BMW traveling southbound on US Highway 52 near 190th Street, in the Town of Coates, in Dakota County. Dispatch was able to follow the vehicle on traffic cameras. According to the criminal complaint, “The vehicle was in the left lane weaving over the lane lines and into the left shoulder, traveling at speeds in the low 50s in a 65-mph zone.”

The trooper activated his squad lights and squad horn multiple times in an attempt to pull the vehicle over. The silver BMW maintained its speed and continued weaving and driving on the left shoulder. Once the trooper activated his siren, the vehicle increased its speed to 60 mph while continuing to weave, then moved to the right lane with varying speed.

Two precision immobilization techniques (PIT maneuvers) were attempted, the second one successful, with the silver BMW “losing control and turned counterclockwise across both lanes of traffic. The vehicle stopped facing the wrong way.”

Once the vehicle pulled over to the right shoulder the driver, Jovet, was ordered out of the vehicle and placed under arrest. He was advised of his Miranda Rights. Jovet, a Spanish speaker, indicated he understood his Miranda Rights and appeared to understand the trooper throughout the process.

Jovet stated to the trooper that he “doesn’t drink and had not taken any medication or controlled substances.” There was a request for an ambulance when Jovet indicated that he was diabetic, and his blood sugar needed to be tested.

Jovet performed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests where the trooper observed Jovet to be “swaying front-to-back and side-toside.” His pupils also appeared to be constricted. Jovet stated he had no recent head injuries or issues with his eyes,” but had surgery on a leg previously.” He did not indicate when or if the surgery created balance issues. Jovet agreed to a PBT test. The results were 0.000.

Jovet was placed under arrest for DWI based on the observed driving conduct and performance of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. He was transported to Regina Hospital where he refused medical treatment. A warrant for a blood test was granted but refused by Jovet. He also refused the urine test. Jovet was advised that refusal of the blood test was an additional crime which he replied that he understood. Jovet was booked in the Dakota County Jail.

January 11, 2023