Posted 4/6/22

OUTDOOR Adventures Springtime … An altercation between a couple of Hollywood types during an awards show caught the attention of the world recently. After the “did that just happen” dust …

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OUTDOOR Adventures

Springtime …

An altercation between a couple of Hollywood types during an awards show caught the attention of the world recently. After the “did that just happen” dust settled and it was realized, “why yes, yes it did,” the next question for many; “was it real or staged?” Hollywood types are entertainers so it would not be improbable that such a stunt might be in play to assist in boosting ratings for something that has been losing traction that last few years. The ratings did jump considerably over last year and compared to days gone by, they were still pretty dismal. Just about anything is believable these days and if it evades common sense or decency, maybe more so. Well, let us put this drama aside for now and move into something that is factual and will bring happiness to many. Spring is here. Officially, the first day of Spring was March 20, 2022, and we have had a few sprinkles of true “Spring Like” weather. If you have lived in Minnesconsin long enough, you know that our weather is apt to change frequently and most the time, within the same 24-hour period. Beyond the calendar, there are telltale signs of the season that announce with conviction, Spring Is Here. The sighting of the first Robin is one of these signs that I watch for, and it happened on Monday, March 28 in my driveway. She was a beauty and quite plump, noting that those beautiful blue eggs would soon need to be kept warm to start another circle of life for her offspring. In her beak was a small piece of straw which certainly will become part of the nest which will serve as a place of comfort for their little bird family. It was at that moment that I started thinking about how much I love this time of year. New life and Spring are synonymous with each other which tie into Easter. No matter how you view or celebrate Easter (if you do), it is certainly a special time and signifies new life. The grass used in baskets is usually green like the grass outdoors coming out of its dormant phase. Some people use pastel colored basket grass which we know does not really exist, but it would be cool if it did. Maybe it even does for folks who enjoyed the 1970’s a bit more than others? Either way, the colors of Easter and Spring are bright and vibrant. Other Easter traditions such as dying eggs, hunting for eggs that the bunny hid and celebrating with things like newborn chicks all scream new life. Note, the Easter Rabbit does not deliver the eggs. It is the younger version… the bunny. If you celebrate this new life as well with Christian beliefs at the forefront, the new life focus is extremely obvious and for many of us, a reason to keep going in this world where just about anything is believable. Believing in things that are decent tends to make life a little more bearable. The ice will be off the lakes completely very soon and the local City Parks Departments will be doing their best to clean up the various places that we enjoy spending our springtime and of course, summer is not too far away. The area trails and bike paths are already starting to see a lot more activity. The Hastings Area Rotary Club is moving forward with the Cycling Without Age and Hastings Rivertown Fishing programs. This may be a hint as to an upcoming “Outdoor Adventures” column and if you know any local area seniors, shut-ins or physically challenged, you will want to stay tuned. We have an opportunity once again to Get Out and Enjoy the Great Outdoors on a more regular basis. Hope to see you out there!!