Posted 6/9/21

Hot Dog! Hot Like a Fire Cracker!, Fry An Egg On The Black Top! These are just a few words that could be used to describe our Minnesota Hot this past week. As the old saying goes, “some like it …

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Hot Dog! Hot Like a Fire Cracker!, Fry An Egg On The Black Top!

These are just a few words that could be used to describe our Minnesota Hot this past week. As the old saying goes, “some like it hot, some like it cold” is a common topic. Then we have to toss in the heat and humidity to add information to the local weather. If it gets hot in Minnesota, it usually means it’s hot and sticky (humidity). This past week we had the experience of the hot dry (low humidity) Arizona type weather. It made a bit more okay for me, but it was really hard on all the plants and sucked the water out almost faster than you could add water. Us Minnesotans are not used to that. And this Minnesota person is really not a fan of hot weather. I say I will leave it all to you that say they will take it as hot as it gets. PLEASE, ITS ALL YOURS!

Okay, if we have covered the weather conversation, what else is there to talk about. This year, it seems like there is a lot more to talk about than in the years pre-2020. The Covid year 2020 started us on a whole new ball game and gave us things that no doubt have changed our lives and will continue to do so in 2021.

This year we are getting back some freedoms that were taken away from us last year. Some freedoms were out front and we were aware of them but others stayed under cover. This is where the whole giant ball of who is telling us what to do comes into play. Have you been taking everything at face value and what the main stream media is telling us? Have you been thinking and looking deeper into the world crises? Do you agree it’s okay to block out information and let one side have the only say? Do you believe that we need to keep and study our history (both the good and the bad) so that we can learn and use that information to better ourselves? Do you feel that some people have not been truthful in what they have been telling you? How will it affect you now and in the future? This is a world wide event and every human on earth is facing these questions plus millions more. Will this truly be the time of coming out of darkness and going into better times? Let pray and work for that time to come.

Yes, very heavy thinking stuff. Stuff may be the totally incorrect word but if you boil down all the fancy words I still like the term “stuff”. Because we are human and living our lives day to day and the weather is hot for most of us, we need diversions to help us make it through those days. For those that like it hot, go ahead and do all the things that make you happy. But, I bet even the hot lovers will throw in some of the things us cooler likers use to make our day. Some things are simple like ice cream cones and ice water. But we have to think, how do we get those products to become frozen. Ah, we need something to freeze those normally liquid items! The invention of that method of operation was a total game changer for how we live today. Cooling and freezing touches every part of our lives. We no longer have to cut the ice from naturally frozen lakes and do a proper storage to keep that ice in that state when the melting season returns. Remember, that could only be done in areas of the world where things get down to solid freezing. A big part of the world never had that opportunity to see snow and ice in their back yard. Could we say that we are lucky to have it all; the 4 seasons of the year with heat, rain, cold, frost, snow, etc? Even if we don’t consider it as lucky, it sure is one heck of a conversation starter! It totally feels so good to be returning to seeing the faces of people and hear their clear voices. It’s great to see the eating places coming back to life and all the tables are available. We can actually give hugs or hand shakes if we so desire. We don’t have to use our 2 hands to count off the maximum number of people we can be around. Let’s hope for a great future. HUGS!