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Posted 1/11/23

We have given props to a multitude of restaurants in the area to check out while “Out and About.” We have talked about nearly every mom-and-pop gift shop, apparel store, antique and vintage …

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out & about


We have given props to a multitude of restaurants in the area to check out while “Out and About.” We have talked about nearly every mom-and-pop gift shop, apparel store, antique and vintage emporium, and every coffee shop in the Hastings and Cottage Grove area. We have reviewed places to get new furniture and even discussed some cool outdoor “photo” opportunities that surround us. We have shared information regarding the live music and arts scene in the area. What else is there to do when you are “out and about,” especially in the cold of winter? There is a lot to do.

For example, Hastings Community Education recently sent out their Winter/ Spring 2023 Newsletter which has a plethora of various activities for all ages to enjoy. From Early Childhood Family Education offerings to Adult Enrichment type programs, you can find it through Hastings Community Education. Interested in Group Hypnosis to stop smoking or for weight loss? What about learning how to play guitar? Maybe you want to go snowshoeing or learn to play pickleball or check out some other fitness programs? This is just the tip of the iceberg (with the recent snowstorm, we just had to do it). If you somehow misplaced your newsletter or accidentally circular filed it, give Hastings Community Education a call at 651-4807670 or stop in at the Tilden Community Center located at 310 River Street in Hastings while you are out and about to find out about the many opportunities that are available through Hastings Community Education.

Speaking of volunteering… okay, we were not speaking about volunteering, we were just trying to keep you on your toes. Now that it has been mentioned, we may as well keep talking about it though. If you talk with anyone who oversees recruiting a volunteer base for an organization, they will tell you that there has been a significant drop in volunteerism as a whole and that finding folks at this time of the year to pitch in is even more difficult. No matter where you live, organizations that do many great things in our communities need your help. Even if it is only a couple hours here and there, your time and effort can make a huge difference. Not only does it get you out and about, but it helps others in need. This is a “winner, winner, chicken dinner” according to Guy Fieri of Triple D fame.

Speaking of Chicken Dinner… the rumor is Rooster in the Westview Mall in Hastings will be opening soon. They have been posting on social media regarding hiring for various positions so, if you are looking to work in the restaurant industry, while you are out and about, you might just want to check them out. For that matter, if you are looking for a career in this industry, you could pretty much walk into any fast food to fine dining restaurant as they seem to be in as much need or more than organizations seeking volunteers. They are just waiting for talented and hardworking folks to show up and apply.

Back to volunteering, a huge thanks to Doug Rupp of the Cottage Grove Lions for reaching out to share some information about the club and some of their upcoming activities. While the information on the Vintage Snowmobile Show and Swap meet got to us a bit late, having this contact is huge for out and about. We need more folks who are active with community service clubs like the Lions and Rotary, as well as folks from area Chambers of Commerce, local businesses and more to share with us what is going on so we can share it with others. Email [email protected] to get connected.

Finally… word on the street is that The Lehtola Agency, an independent insurance agency owned and operated by Steve Lehtola of Hastings will be operating out of their new office space located at 1317 Vermillion Street in Hastings. If you are looking for new insurance, stopping by to see what Steve has to offer might be a worthwhile stop while out and about. As an independent agency, they offer coverage from over 15 highly rated insurance companies. While you are there, you could swing across the street to M& H for some of that fantastic broasted chicken or if you are in the area, stop down to the Dairy Queen for a… oh wait, they are closed for a bit. Well, at least that gives us all something to look forward to when we are out and about during the next few months.