Thompson Grove starts the process ….

Posted 4/27/22

Thompson Grove starts the process to incorporate! 62 years and one month ago THE REPORTER April 1, 1960 Newspaper story of skeleton found near Mud Lake ends by telling readers to “check today’s …

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Thompson Grove starts the process ….


Thompson Grove starts the process to incorporate!

62 years and one month ago THE REPORTER April 1, 1960 Newspaper story of skeleton found near Mud Lake ends by telling readers to “check today’s date.” Supposed picture below puts lake in upper left and crowd to right across a four-lane highway. Crowd “not shown” in photo with opposing directions.

In more reliable news from 62 years ago, Richard Mullen is elected justice of the Peace for Grey Cloud after having served as clerk since 1958.

“I’m a real river rat,” Mullen tells the paper, as he shares that his ancestors were river men in the logging days. Mullen says his maternal grandmother was born in a clearing above Maiden Rock Wisconsin and that Hager City Wisconsin is reputed to have been named for her family.

(A tradition heard elsewhere has the place named for J. W. Hager of the St. Paul Land Company).

Mullen says he discovered Grey Cloud when on a flight from Fleming Field and then explored it with his boat, snapping up land in 1957 when this became available and deeming it one of the most beautiful spots on the river. Mullen, his wife Luverne from Waconia and daughter Dawn are reported to live on Pioneer Road. A toll switchman at Bell Telephone, he became interested in the work when assigned to the army signal corps In high school news, a photo in the original bound archives at the Washington County Historical Society shows Rosalee Friday and Ann Marsh at the Park High science fair, having made a calorie chart.

Park High is further delineated as the St. Paul Park High school, where students had showed off their work at a recent Science Club fair. With chemistry and physics teacher Myrtle Belleveau as the guide, students had worked about six weeks on their projects.

First place in physics went to Leonard Richter with a logic computer and heat sensitivity meter, while first prize in chemistry went to Lillian Frame and Kenneth Sind for their cloth dyeing display, reportedly using “flowers, tree bark, and berries” for the color output. Second prize in the chemistry field, meanwhile, went to Gretchen Schoen for a display producing cosmetics “from various chemicals.”

As to the aeronautics, Jim Sathra took first place with a magnetic rocket launcher, while second went to Tony Schomer and Rog Gierke for a wind tunnel. Victor Olson took first in biology for a display on growing plants, while Friday and Marsh took second place for a nutrient display.

Speaking of nutrients, the school lunch menu headlined with chili and crackers on Monday, Scalloped potatoes on Tuesday, Barbeque on buns for Wednesday, Beef stew with vegetables for Thursday, and Tomato soup and crackers for Friday. Included with each meal were bread and milk, with variously interspersed items.

The view from across the river 100 years ago THE PRESCOTT JOURNAL April 20, 1922 Barge Lines Protected Promoters of two barge lines were before the Minneapolis city council recently urging the city to provide wharf facilities for their boats. They were T. X. Ralph, Hastings, old time river pilot, and J. S. Brodie, St. Paul.

Mr. Ralph said he plans to operate a fleet of barges from Minneapolis and St. Paul to New Orleans. Mr. Brodie will operate another fleet between the Twin Cities and LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

127 years ago THE STILLWATER MIRROR April 26, 1894 Motto: “It is never too late to mend.”

The girls of Cromwell, Iowa, have formed an organization and pledged themselves “never to marry a man who is not intelligent, honest and industrious, good natured, cleanly in person and apparel, healthy, sober, a church member and a total abstainer from liquor, tobacco, and profanity.”— Ex.

Ah! Girls, the men you see are not of this world, but of heaven.

French Canadian in the Twin Cities 136 years ago ECHO DE L’OUEST (Western Echo) Minneapolis, Minnesota Achillle F. Carrier, Redacteur April 29, 1886 DECES In this city, on April 21, after a three-week illness, M. Pierre Legros died at the advanced age of 77 years.

M. Legros had endured his illness with a great resignation as a Catholic. The frequent visits and soft words of encouragement by our pastor rendered easy the passage of life to eternity.

The funeral took place Friday, April 23, following the office of Holy Friday.

M. Legros, born in Canada in the year 1809, had lived in the United States for 60 years and in Minnesota for more than 30.

He leaves many children and a large number of friends of long acquaintance.

We offer the bereaved family our sincere condolences.

Deceased in this city on the 22 of the month, M. Cyrus Libby. The funeral took place Saturday at Our Lady of Lourdes.

He leaves a spouse to mourn, along with many children and a great number of friends.

Territorial Dispatches 170 years ago THE MINNESOTIAN May 1, 1852 For the Minnesotan. Messrs. Editors:—As the liquor question is settled in our Territory for the present, at least, we should now turn our attention to the subject of education, devise means and mature plans by which the greatest amount of instruction be obtained in the shortest time, and at the least expense.

The common method of placing scholars of all grades and ages, in the same room to be taught by the same teacher at the same time, is a great waste of money and sacrifice of time; but this course must be pursued until some better means are devised.

Suppose we should have one suitable building in a pleasant and central part of the town with separate play grounds appropriated for the different sexes, which will furnish them with the innocent amusements necessary to render everything agreeable and everyone healthy.

In the next place, to have a room sufficiently large to accommodate one hundred and fifty pupils, which can easily be taught by the same teacher, in the branches of English, Grammar, Geography and writing compositions and copies, which are sufficient for any pupil to pursue at the same time…G.H.S.