Posted 5/11/22

SPELLING BEE BY BEA WESTERBERG A good chance spring is for real “Don’t let anyone who hasn’t been in your shoes tell you how to tie your laces.” Global Talk News There are a lot of ways to …

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A good chance spring is for real

“Don’t let anyone who hasn’t been in your shoes tell you how to tie your laces.” Global Talk News There are a lot of ways to react to that statement. It can give us a smile or be used in a serious way. It is easy to remember if you want to share it.

Oh my, I think we really are out of the winter season and heading to a green, growing, and single layer of clothing time! The sun has been getting better at coming out and staying around for the whole day. A few weeks ago the grass seemed to get green overnight and I think the same happened to the trees in the last week. One day we are looking to see if the trees even have buds and then the next day the leaves were showing themselves. We did have a lot rain in April and I do hope it helps bring on all of those May flowers it promised.

I finally got my hormones kicked into outdoor gardening moves. I had come up with a wide range of ideas of why to not go out and get started. For a long time it was because of the weather. I would tell myself that the next day I would make my cup of tea and have a good breakfast and be ready to attack the gardening world. The next day would come and I would stick my head outdoors and usually be met by no sunshine and wind. The brain would say “Nope, not today, get back inside” and I would retreat back inside as I was told. Someplace along that line I realized that I did not have tools to garden with due to the garage/shop fire! Very serious shopping trips to Menards and Ace Hardware got me back on track and I hit the dirt running. I do have to use the back of the pickup as my gardening shed for now. I ended up getting some tools that are better designed for the job they are meant for. I still have to do some more shopping for bigger items that need to be replaced like the chainsaw, weed whip and generator. Some of these “serious” things will have to wait as I will need a building to put them in. The price of wood may have gone up 600 percent along with almost everything else in the building trades, but the contractors are booked well into next year. That means I have no idea when I will be getting a new garage/shop. Maybe I will be only able to afford a one car garage by next year!

Here I am thinking about getting a new garage and the burned out shell is still here. It turns out that only special dumpsters can be used for fire remains, so the price for that is almost in the unbelievable range. We also had road restrictions on heavy equipment on our country roads until last week. A dumpster should be showing up this week but we are probably going to need a number of them. $$$$ Getting the electricity back to the barn is proving to be another challenge. Those wires were cut the day of the fire and an electrician and Dakota Electric have to work together to get it back in place. And guess what electric people are doing these days? Working with the contractors that are booked until next summer! There is also the question of just what amount of work will be needed with the barn wiring to make it acceptable to get back online.

Okay, we will also talk about the car even though I am not talking about the car. I was told that if I had an “ordinary” car, things would be figured out in a short period of time. The fact that my pet car was a 2004 40th Anniversary Mustang in screaming yellow and lots of extras, is going to make it “take longer to figure out a value”. Right now it is “under review” and I will leave it at that without the thousand other words I would like to say. Words I will say are to take pictures or videos of everything you have insured and keep that in a safe place. Also double and triple check to be sure your insurance covers what you want covered. Pray you NEVER need it!