Posted 9/8/21

SPELLING BEE BY BEA WESTERBERG Is the welcome sign out??? Ready or not, the M-OU- S-E story has churned out another chapter! I don’t know if the “rainy season” that came into the very dry hot …

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Is the welcome sign out???

Ready or not, the M-OU- S-E story has churned out another chapter! I don’t know if the “rainy season” that came into the very dry hot summer season caused the mouse population to start to think about heading to dry locations or if King Mouse sent out a memo – Snap up those winter apartments NOW. Our area mice read the memo and headed to our house in a big way. They were eating the “mouse candy” like crazy but still did not seem to diminish. This was a different generation of mice as they did not go to the places I usually found signs of them. Those sites were the upper right hot pad drawer and a lower cupboard shelf area.

This generation wanted more space and wanted acreage. They were now free ranging. The mouse memo did NOT include the fact that the Westerberg household had recently homed at big, yellow cat by the name of Pumpkin Cheddar Krispy Kitty and his mouse hunting skills came out full blast. His mouse down and out report is now right around 10 or so. No babies in this count, just big full sized beady eyed critters. We noticed that the electronic mouse deterrent was unplugged so that is going back in place and we will put out more “mouse candy” in safe places (for humans – not the mice). If this puts Pumpkin out of a job, we will have to offer him some type of unemployment insurance. Who knows, maybe even the Federal Government might have something like that tucked away in one of those trillion dollar plans. They seem to have much crazier things in them.

This year’s lack of rain has had major impacts on just about everything that needs water to grow. Most people probably have been able to notice the corn and bean fields trying to make a go of it. There was a clear difference seen if the sites were irrigated or not. The apple orchards also had major affects of the no rain season. Some orchards had a complete crop failure and others had certain types of apples make it and some not. If you plan to visit apple orchards this fall, be sure to call and check if they are open. You may also find that they will be having reduced open hours and activities due to smaller production. I would also think this will add on to the already higher apple prices (and almost everything else) in the grocery stores.

Although the rains came and may be too late to save some crops, it sure did a wonderful thing for our lawns! With the weather being cooler and the grass so green it almost seems like we are entering spring rather than fall. This probably made more of us believers when they say to let the lawns go dormant in the hot and dry times and it will come back once it gets what it needs to come back to life. Don’t put those lawnmowers away just yet. They will be needed for the fall season.

The Westerberg household now has lots of piles of “stuff” all over the place. There are boxes of craft and sewing items that I have been collecting for reuse that goes to the Textile Center in Minneapolis for their garage sale. Another huge stack of boxes is to go to an auction . I have gotten some hormones to part with things that I really don’t need or use. For some people that would be simple but I am a great “clinger” and it’s a very hard thing for me to “uncling”. Then we have a bit smaller pile of things that I am going to keep for now but they are going to need a location. Lets not forget the “have not decided yet” collection. That’s a tough one. A recent pile is all the necessary or not things to take to Rug Hooking Camp in Duluth. I am never sure if I am going to have enough wool to use or will I need to buy some from the teacher. Will I need to buy some from the teacher because I need it NOW but be a bit bummed because I probably had what I needed at home? It’s all a part of the joy of getting away and joining 60 other rug hooking have fun! We say its good to see the wool side up (instead of the green side up) each morning when we get up and see what we can create.