Posted 6/30/21

When “Miss Minnesota,” Juliana Gabor of…South St. Paul, departs next week for Atlantic City and the “Miss America” pageant, she’ll be leaving nothing to chance. The dark-haired, greeneyed …

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When “Miss Minnesota,” Juliana Gabor of…South St. Paul, departs next week for Atlantic City and the “Miss America” pageant, she’ll be leaving nothing to chance.

The dark-haired, greeneyed beauty will pack both mini and midi skirt lengths, as well as a pantsuit formal and a pair of gaucho pants.

“Girls on the East Coast probably will be wearing nothing but midis,” she explained, “but they say the choice is up to the individual and I happen to prefer the shorter length.”

The former receptionist at Southview State Bank has been shopping “every day this week” to make up her pageant wardrobe, paid for by First Federal Savings and Loan. She bought “lots of shoes and accessories, “loves those wide belts, and says “colors this year are just great.”

“The only thing I still need,” she said, “is my dress for the evening gown competition. They’ve had a few sent here from New York and I’ll just have to make a choice.”

GROVE TOWER TO BE COMMUNICATION LINK The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plans to have in operation by next spring a micro-wave radio system connecting Osceola, Wis., and Farmington. One link of the system will be at 70th Street South and Hinton Avenue South in Cottage Grove.

The FAA has begun construction of a 220-foot tower at the site, and another tower is planned for Hudson, Wis. The land in Cottage Grove had been owned by Marlyn Rygh.

According to FFA spokesmen, the new tower, when completed, will replace a tower at Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. The tower will be painted with orange stripes and lighted to prevent aircraft accidents.

Cottage Grove Village Council last week sent the tower plans to the planning and environmental commissions for review, but the village reportedly has little power to halt construction.

A 16-foot x 20-foot metal building will also be located near the tower.

SCHOOLS OPENING BUT NOT QUITE AS USUAL School in District 833 will begin not quite as usual for many elementary and secondary children Sept. 8.

SPLIT-SHIFT classes will be conducted at St. Paul Park Junior High School until construction work is completed at Woodbury Junior High. The district is making no prediction date on the completion of the new school.

St. Paul Park students will attend class from 7 a.m. to noon, and Woodbury students will attend from 12:15 to 5:15 p.m. Classes will be shortened from the usual 55 minutes to 47 minutes, and homeroom and lunch period will be eliminated. The schools will attempt to operate as much of their extracurricular program as possible.

The Newport Elementary School addition is also not completed. Students in grades one through three and special education classes will attend Neil A. Armstrong Elementary School temporarily. Grades four through six will remain at Newport.

KINDERGARTEN classes at Newport, Pine Hill, Hillside, Pullman, and Grove schools will be conducted in the gymnasiums until workmen finish construction. Classrooms are available for kindergartners at Woodbury, Royal Oaks, Armstrong, and Crestview schools.

Because of the change in plans, transportation notices will be mailed late.

Serving St. Paul Park, Newport, Thompson Grove, Woodbury Hts.

Friday, June 23, 1961 (no June 16 issue photographed) Bids For $500 Million Sewage Plant Await Action Tonight COTTAGE GROVE— Bids are scheduled to be let tonight (Friday) for construction of the township’s sewage treatment plant and trunk lines.

The disposal facility, which is expected to cost an estimated half-million dollars, will be built near the 3M Chemolite plant on the Mississippi River It will service the Thompson Estates area east of Highway 61.

The township’s consulting engineers, Bonestroo, Rosene, and Associates of St. Paul, recently applied to the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to install an 18-inch outfall line emptying into the Mississippi.

The line would come from the sewage treatment plant and extend across Kemp’s Slough and Freeborn Island to the river.

Tardy buses or not Twins win worth wait THOMPSON GROVE— It took a bit of patience, but 80 Thompson Grove youngsters made it to a Minnesota Twins game one day last week.

And it was free—in a way.

A bit of vexation could be seen in some of their faces as they waited for an hour outside the Thompson Grove County Club for two tardy buses (photos in hardcover newspaper archives of the Washington County Historical Society). But once on the bus it seemed forgotten— and it really was after they saw the Twins beat Kansas City.

The boys making the trip were among an estimated 200 participating in the four baseball leagues in Thompson Grove. They range in age from 6 to 15.

The trip was a reward for selling one or more cartons of candy in a project to raise money, for equipment.

So far, the Thompson Grove Recreation association has sold 600 cartons. Some 900 cartons remain to be distributed.

The association hopes to sell these in area business places.

Thompson Grove has three intra-Grove leagues for the younger players and one team that sees action in the Wakota league, which includes St. Paul Park, Newport, South Grove, Inver Grove and Hastings.

Two ball fields are currently being constructed in the Grove.

The association was started by a group of men in the Grove who felt they had to provide some sort of program for their youngsters. They started with no equipment, but they hope to realize about $900 from the candy sale.

Ladies of the Grove also have an auxiliary to the organization and they are planning a July dance as another fund raiser for equipment.

120 Years Ago THE MIRROR Put out by the inmates of the Stillwater Prison Stillwater, Minnesota June 27, 1901 Whenever a defense of immorality is in order the argument that all morals are purely a question of longitude and latitude is advanced. It usually does not prove anything and in most cases is untrue, but the laws of the United States bring it home to us that there is more or less truth in the statement. That a man should be an upright, law-abiding citizen and at the same time be a felon in the next is a travesty on justice and a whole senseless arrangement (inconsistent divorce laws that allow for bigamy so long as each ‘wife’ remains in the state she was married in).

Narrated from Stillwater Now and then the ingenious devil who pies types in this office gets an idea. When that occurs he hastens to impart it to others. One struck him yesterday and he came into the sanctum.

“I have been thinking of something,” said he, by way of a starter.

“Food, of course? It’ll soon be supper time.”

“No, not food—marriage.”

“Hadn’t you better wait till you grow up and get out of prison before that strikes in?” He brushed the suggestion away with the wave of his hand.

“The reason,” he commenced placidly,” why the divorce courts are so busy nowadays is because there is a woeful lack of perspective in the modern marriage.”

Here he placed his hand on his forehead and glanced furtively at the dictionary. “Everything”—he continued, “good, bad and indifferent— in the make-up of man and woman is focused to within a few feet, and the indifferent over-awes all the rest. It isn’t that the couple expect too much, but rather that they find out too much. Now if I had my way of arranging these matters, I should—” “Here, Kid, come upstairs and pump the press,” said a printer who was passing through the office with a form in his hand, and the solution of the problem of avoiding marital troubles was lost to the world forever.

Next County Over 157 Years Ago ANOKA STAR Motto: “Virtue, Intelligence, Order, Industry, Friendship, Unity, Happiness” June 25, 1864 —A seven-year-old boy of Buffalo was recently heard to use profane language, and on being reproved by his parents, and directed to ask God’s forgiveness, retired to his room, and was heard to say, ‘O God, I am sorry I said that naughty word, and I won’t say so any more; but hurry and make me grow up to be a man, and then I can swear, and chew, and smoke as much as I want, like pa, and nobody will notice it.’ Territorial Dispatch Almost 170 Years Ago THE MINNESOTIAN J. C. Terry, Publisher September 26, 1851 Huck Finn speech before Huckleberry Finn: “…Our friend Robertson, of the Democrat, is carryout his part of the contract with commendable zeal. As the bargain has been alluded to, we may as well ‘make a clean breast of it’ and state the whole transaction. Dan is a good…soul ‘nat’rally,’ and peronally we… POSTSCRIPT!

The Steamer “Uncle Toby,” which paid Saint Paul her first visit…the past week, contemplates returning to this point, for a pleasure trip (to) Traverse des Sioux, on Sunday next. The fare will be five dollars, going and returning. This will afford a fine opportunity for strangers and citizens (to see) the promised land, and we would advise them to embrace it.

by Joseph Back