Hohenstein distributors moving to Cottage Grove


The Cottage Grove City Council approved the site plan for a new 160,000 square-foot warehouse distribution center for Hohenstein’s, Inc. at the July 19 regular meeting. The new warehouse and office space will be located southwest of 95th Street South and Jamaica Avenue South, in the Glengrove Industrial Park 9th Addition. Currently based in Woodbury, Hohenstein’s has been in business and locally operated for over 70 years, making a name as a respected domestic/import/craft beer distributor. With the new warehouse plan approved, they will now be moving their operation to Cottage Grove.

Cottage Grove Senior Planner Emily Schmitz said, “They are looking to expand and move their business to Cottage Grove, so they worked awfully hard to design this site that works most efficiently for them.”

The building will have an access point on the back side, but will also have a drive-through loading bay in the center of the building, as well as indoor storage space for trucks, reducing parked truck traffic outside of the warehouse.

“They’ve also set themselves up for some potential future expansion on this particular site,” Schmitz said. “They do have a good chunk of space on the east side of the site,” adding, “They are looking to expand. Of course, we hope sooner than later.”

Landscaping plans will initially focus on the west side of the site, prior to any expansion to the east.

“This is very exciting,” said Councilmember Steve Dennis, who is also a local business owner at Dennis Brother Liquors, Inc. in Cottage Grove. “This is a fantastic business; local, family-owned.”

Dennis added, “They have the pre-eminent craft beer book, in my opinion, in the state of Minnesota, so it’s really an honor to have them here. They do care. This is a well-run company; very respectful, and they’ll be a great addition to our business park.”

Speaking to the Hohenstein representatives in attendance, Councilmember Justin Olsen said, “Your company has been so well-respected for so long, and the fact that you are making a decision to invest in our community speaks volumes, at least to me, about our community, and I think it will be a very fruitful partnership for a very long time. This project looks beautiful. I have no doubt that when it’s all said and done it will be beautiful, and having the Hohenstein name in our business park is only going to elevate Cottage Grove in the eyes of other potential investors.”

Councilmember Tony Khambata said was pleased with the future expansion plans at the site, saying it “only goes to show that as they grow, they want to continue to be here in Cottage Grove.”  He added that the owner had previously stated at a recent Planning Commission meeting that “he never wants to move again,” planning to cement the company’s roots in Cottage Grove. “I look forward to having them in town,” Khambata concluded.

A motion was made by Olsen to approve the Hohenstein’s, Inc. site plan review. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Dave Thiede, and it was passed 5-0 by the council.