Posted 4/21/21

THE METROPOLITAN Sewer Board (MSB) has said it will require municipalities in the metropolitian area to present comprehensive plans by the beginning of next year. Cottage Grove has already completed …

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THE METROPOLITAN Sewer Board (MSB) has said it will require municipalities in the metropolitian area to present comprehensive plans by the beginning of next year.

Cottage Grove has already completed planning for the western, developing portion of the village but not for the rural, eastern area.

Joseph Anderlik, engineer from the consulting firm of Bonestroo, Rosene, Anderlik and Associates, said Wednesday his “wild guess” of the plan’s cost would be $5,000 to $7,000.

(gap in reporting) The MSB, asking where the village will find money for such a study.

“THEY SEEM to think we want to pick it off trees down here,” he remarked.

Councilman Conway Olson suggested asking the MSB for a time extension on the planning because sewering for eastern Cottage Grove must be done in conjunction with Woodbury, Afton and Denmark townships. This area probably will not develop and need sewers for many years, he said.

Anderlik said he and other members of his firm have suggested this to the MSB frequently but have gotten no affirmative response. The MSB is quite definite about its desire to have the studies done now, he said.

SOME COMMUNITIES far removed from the inner city will be given time extensions, he said, but the MSB does not include Cottage Grove in this category.

Afton Merger Seen as

A proposed merger of Afton village and Afton Township may spur mergers in other Washington County communities, according to Bruce Rasmussen of the Minnesota Municipal Commission.

THE COMMISSION recently received resolutions from both the village and township requesting permission to become one village. A hearing on the question will be conducted Aug. 26, probably in Afton village, to hear residents’ opinions.

After the hearing the Municipal Commission will decide whether to issue an order merging the communities.

The order would be final but subject to judicial review. No referendum would be conducted. An election of new village officers could be conducted by November and possibly earlier, Rasmussen said.

County Reapportionment Waits for 1970 Census By JEAN HASKELL Washington County has taken steps as yet to begin redistricting, county officials said, because final population figures based on the 1970 decennial census have not been announced….The total county population increased about 30,000, and the Fourth District accounts for at least half of the increase.

Redistricting will give South Washington County at least two commissioners on the county board.

Grove Council Will ‘Bow to Pressure’ On Sewer Project By JEAN HASKELL Cottage Grove Village Council is expected to approve only a minimum of acreage for a storm sewer project originally planned for the entire Langdon Drainage District.

Mayor Robert Walcott said Wednesday the council is bowing to pressure from rural residents who opposed the project and its assessments.

“A LOT OF THE people in the 7,000 acres did not feel the time was right,” he said.

The council will conduct a public hearing on the revised project plans at 8 p.m., July 29, at Park Senior High School. No decision will be made until a later meeting…. THE LAND is in two connected parcels north and south of 80th Street South. It includes the newest Orrin Thompson additions: the proposed Carew Properties apartment complex, the Crestview Elementary and Park Senior High school grounds, St. Rita’s Catholic Church, and about 20 farms and tracts of land expected to develop within several years. Most of the affected farmers are expected to qualify for Green Acres deferments, but one retired farmer said he will not. The Green Acres bill allows the farmers to defer assessment charges for as many years as they continue to farm. When they sell their land, the assessment charges plus interest are due.

The rural residents asked the council Wednesday for a further delay before the public hearing date is set, but the council felt the July 29 date gives the residents enough time to organize their thoughts and prepare their case.

David Grannis Jr., attorney for the rural residents, said the resident might be able to devise an alternative plan, if given more time, but he said he did not know if alternatives were being developed.

59 Years Ago REPORTER South Washington County Edition serving St. Paul Park, Newport, Thompson Grove, Woodbury Hts.

Friday, April 21, 1961 160 Already Registered, More To Come AS Baseball Program Begins In Grove THOMPSON GROVE— The Thompson Grove Summer Boyd Baseball Program starts officially tomorrow (Saturday) at the T. G. Athletic Field.

Over 160 boys have filed official registration blanks and will be on hand for the initial tryouts. A three-period schedule was announced officially at the T. G. athletic Association’s weekly meeting last Monday evening.

The tryouts will be held for about two weeks to let team coaches get a good look at all the boys before setting up 12 teams which will be participating in the three-league system.

Homeowners Hear of Sewers By GERI GONGOLL Staff Correspondent THOMPSON GROVE— The homeowners of Thompson Grove, if they learned nothing else from the public sewer hearing at the country club last Wednesday evening, found out they have no control over their water system and that a sewer system will be built for some 1500 vacant lots in Thompson Estates.

If the Grove residents want sewers they must petition the Township, conduct a geographic survey, hold another public hearing and pay approximately $700 besides having their new streets torn up for a year.

The public hearing was opened by Glen Brown, chairman of the Cottage Grove Town Board. Brown introduced the three consultants who have been working with the board to insure proper handling of the sewer problem. Lyle Eckberg, Cottage Grove township attorney, explained the legal aspects of the move as outlined under Minnesota Statute 429, the Local Improvement Act.

Otto Bonestroo of Bonestroo Associates, consulting engineers, outlined the high points of his geographic survey and gave basic costs in constructing the trunk sewer system and treatment plant adequate to accommodate with future additions, population of 160,000. The trunk will cost about $200,000 and the primary treatment plant, to service 4,000 people, about $300,000.

The method of paying this sum was present by Jim Olson of Geran and Moody, township financial advisors. Olson explained that this area was unique to a situation like this, with no previous obligations for major improvement such as streets, water systems, etc.

Therefore, improvement warranties (a type of bond) would be issued to pay for the new sewer system.

Because Cottage Grove now owns the waterworks of Thompson Grove, this system can be used as collateral in support of the bonds. Only those benefitting directly from the sewer system would be assessed for this portion of the sewer.

High School To Mail Forms In Start of New Program THIS AREA—The St. Paul Park high school will soon be mailing questionnaires to graduates in one phase of the school’s new “Follow-up” program.

School counselors are hoping to contact members of three graduating classes — those of 1954, 1957 and 1959 — to get information that may prove helpful in determining what courses should be offered at the school.

Senior High Counselor George Bauer and junior high counselor Arland Siebrecht first began preparing the program last year but didn’t begin the heavier work until this school year.

They hope to contact every member of the three classes—about 250 graduates— in an attempt to answer one basic question: Is the school doing a good job of introducing the students to a vocation or providing the best possible education for their particular needs?

Siebrecht said the study will prove useful in the continuing analysis of the school program. Information gained from the questionnaires may result in changes in courses or in whole new courses.

BOND SALES WASHINGTON COUNTY— Series E and H Savings Bond purchases in Minnesota during March totaled $6,680,000 and were 2.5 percent higher than last year, H. E. Krog, saving bonds chairman for Washington county, announced this week.

This brings the threemonth total to $21,855,000, just slightly under the fouryear record reached during the same period of last year.

Purchases of saving bonds in March in Washington county totaled $64,254, bringing the three-month total to $138,198, or 29.7 percent of the goal for 1961.

95 Years Ago The saloon owners organize to fight back as Prohibition rises in power OUR SIDE Minneapolis and St. Paul Thursday, May 20, 1915 BRYAN MUST GO— GENERAL OPINION Of Retail Liquor Trades Press and American Wine and Spirit Journal of Boston.

After years of backing and filling, denials and side-stepping, that sovereign champion of “the peepul,” William Jennings Bryan of Nebraska, has found the courage to openly espouse the cause of prohibition.

Opposes Prohibition.

London.—The king’s example on the liquor question was not followed by the clergy in the meeting of the lower house of the convocation at York, when the following resolution presented by the Dean of Manchester, was passed: “That this house, wishing to support all such measures as may in the opinion of the government and necessary for the strength and safety of the nation in time of war, would look with anxiety upon total prohibition of the sale of alcoholic drinks.” Against the prophecy of the prohibitionists, England will not go dry.

Sunday is Coming.

Billy Sunday is coming to Minneapolis—in 1917—so he told a committee of callers from this city. There are many changes in two years. Turn over and take another nap—but do not go to sleep.

120 Years Ago THE MIRROR Published by the Inmates of the Stillwater Prison April 11, 1901 It is well not to let ambition outrun power and strength.

Many wrongs are committed in obedience and in conformity with public sentiment.

Some good lessons may be learned by everyone almost every day, but they are too often forgotten.

Much of the happiness in life is in observing the happiness of others. So, too, to cause pleasure to our neighbors is to become imbued with its reactive delight.

Arthur Fowler said that “some people are so afraid to have convictions lest they become bigots.”

Evidently Mr. Fowler is somewhat inexperienced— some people are so afraid to have convictions because it means ten years.

April 12, 1901 An old scam tactic surface in foreign medals (rather than foreign lotteries) for purchase: THERE has come to the office of THE LUMBERMAN, from the Editeur Exclusif, a “Dimplome Officiel de L’Exposition Universelle de Paris 1900” in blank, to be filled out and returned accompanied by a check to pay for a medal, but as we are not aware of having taken any prize at the Paris Exposition, and have no spare cash to invest in medals, any one who so desires can have our chance by calling at this office. Incidentally, it is a queer (strange) proceeding to the American mind, for exhibitors at an exposition to be obliged to pay for the medals their exhibits won for them. According to the blank form sent, one can also get pictures of the medals, by paying for them.

From Statehood Almost 162 Years Ago THE STILLWATER

August 10, 1858 Give the Fellow his Due.

A scamp by the name of Trowbridge or Strowbridge, lately attempted in this vicinity to pass himself off as a Congregational minister, and did so far impose himself upon the good people of Marine, as to preach for them twice one Sabbath. In the last number of the Congregational Herald, of Chicago, he is advertised as a dishonest cheating scamp, who has no license to preach, and never had, but who for sometime has been prowling around among the churches, forgetting to pay his bills, and “stealing the livery of heaven to serve the devil in.”

We understand the people of Marine had to give him a clean shirt to preach in. He has been in other parts of this state Let the papers pass

Territorial Dispatch Just under 169 Years Ago THE DAKOTAFRIEND/ DAKOTA TAWAXITU KIN Published Monthly by the Dakota Mission, Ed. G. H.

May 1850 Gatherings from the Traditionary

Mdewakanton Dakotas One great natural fact which perhaps ought to be recognized and recorded at the start, is this, viz: that the mouth of Minnesota River (Watpa Minisota)lies immediately over the centre of the