Woodbury woman charged with felony burglary


Siresa Dale Moore, 47, Woodbury, was charged in Dakota County on Jan. 19 with felony burglary in the first degree of an occupied dwelling. At approximately 5:30 a.m. Jan. 16, Inver Grove Heights police officers responded to a suspicious vehicle call in the 9400 block of Old Concord Boulevard in Inver Grove Heights. A homeowner received a phone call from a neighbor asking if he had trouble with the lights on his truck because the lights were currently on. The homeowner then received a knock on the door. Based on the phone call from his neighbor and the time of night, he called 911.

Upon arrival, officers noticed a minivan parked partially in a snowbank in the driveway of the residence. The driver of the vehicle stated he “was giving the backseat female a ride to this house” when the vehicle got stuck in the snow and ran out of gas in the driveway. According to the complaint, the female passenger, Moore, stated that she was there to see her friend who lets her come to his house sometimes, but sometimes he doesn’t want her there.

While officers were speaking with Moore, the homeowner dialed 911 again to report his wallet stolen from inside his house. Officers asked Moore about the wallet. She stated she knew nothing about it. Officers noticed a wallet directly below Moore. When asked about it she passed the wallet to the police.

Officers asked the homeowner about the incident, and he stated that he did not recognize the minivan in his driveway, nor Moore, and was not expecting anyone at that time. The wallet recovered from underneath Moore was identified by the victim to be his. Cash from the wallet was missing, but recovered from the seat in the minivan where Moore had been sitting. Moore was booked into the Dakota County Jail.