LETTER to the Editor In support of Tony Jurgens

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the 2 Republican candidates for my Senate District 41 when they were out door knocking. I interviewed them both extensively. Tony Jurgens was extremely impressive, spending all our time discussing what he plans for the state and my senate district. He listened intently and seriously to my concerns and suggestions. He had a plan and answers. He was extremely well informed and focused. At no point did he ever mention his opponents name, say anything negative about him or anyone else. It was all about him and me.

Mr Dipple on the other hand, only compared himself to his opponent being unnecessarily negative about Mr Jurgens. He never sold himself, only spoke of his opponent. I want to hear about you Mr Dipple. I consider myself a well informed voter who can make my own decisions. I was insulted to be told I should vote for you because the other candidate is bad. I am a conservative Christian but that doesn’t mean I appreciate your showing off your religion to win votes, which I believe you were doing when I met you. I asked Mr Dipple if he was associated with the extreme right wing Action for Liberty but he would not give me a straight yes or no answer. I found that quite disturbing. Please voters, research this group before casting your ballot. The group has great sounding rhetoric but when democrats tell me they like this group because they are out to divide the Republican party I become quite suspicious. No one has yet to prove them otherwise.

I am a proud supporter of Tony Jurgens for Senate District 41. Chris Addington Baytown Township, MN

July 20, 2022