LETTER to the Editor

Say no to prescription price setting

Editor, When I was a teenager, I began experiencing a range of strange symptoms. I would randomly be struck by waves of fatigue, dizziness, body tremors and headaches so strong that I would be confined to bed for days at a time.

And to make matters worse, my doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me. But finally, a cardiologist finally was able to diagnose me with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS. It was a relief to have some answers. To help manage my symptoms, I have tried countless medications, treatments, therapies, and procedures. While some options have helped years later, nothing has alleviated my symptoms entirely. Knowing that I may have to deal with this condition for the rest of my life is exhausting and disheartening.

But I am hopeful that a breakthrough or cure could be found someday.

This hope is only going to become a reality if our lawmakers in Washington support the research efforts of our nation’s pharmaceutical industry and not pass legislation that could limit treatment development.

I have yet to find a treatment option that works for me, and I fear I never will if the government places undue regulations on the researchers and scientists who create new treatment options.

Congress must say NO to prescription price setting.

Sincerely, Shelby St. Pierre

September 21, 2022