Those seeking to open enroll in South Washington County Schools could soon see amended policy language as the board is set to consider significant changes to 509 Enrollment of Non-Resident Students in its regular policy review for the month of October. Changes would take effect Oct. 18 if approved.Map image courtesy of District 833 website.
District continues regular policy review at Oct. 6 workshop


Clarifying language to be aded to policy on enrollment of non-resident students, selection process

It’s not the kind of thing most would call ‘exciting reading,’ but changes are coming to school district policy for South Washington County Schools, pending review at the Oct. 6 school board workshop and Oct. 18 regular business meeting, in the District Service Center.

Among the regular policy review items for October is enrollment of non-resident students, which could see significant changes.

As the proposed policy language stands, enrollment of non-resident students will see language struck delineating different limits on percentage enrollment from outside, with a broadly stated one percent cap on each grade level as opposed to present language allowing for open enrollment “not less that the lesser of” one percent of Early Childhood Special Education, three percent of total enrollment at elementary grade levels, one percent at middle school grade level, and “ to three (3) percent of total enrollment” at district high schools.

Proposed language would also strike out a sentence in 509(II)(A)(1) to approve enrollment applications provided that “space is available for the applicant under enrollment cap standards established by School Board Policy or other directive” while the school district lottery process for applicants will be posted to the district website, rather than spelled out in policy documents.

Also up for review this Thursday and final review Oct. 18 is Policy 509.1 relating to transfers within the district.

Under current proposals the policy as numbered will be removed and moved to procedure only, if the recommendations pass as proposed at the Oct. 18 second reading.

No changes are suggested for policy 801 Equal Access to School Facilities For Students, nor are there changes to 801.4 Conducting Bond Campaigns or 806.3 Insurance Recovery and Replacement A minor change to strike confusing language from paragraph M in Policy 806.4 will retain the substantive ban on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) on district property or in buildings, with exceptions to be made on an individual basis.

Policy 807 addressing Health and Safety will be removed and a separate procedure document created.

School board meetings are held in the District Service Center at 7362 East Point Douglas Road, in Cottage Grove.

October 5, 2022