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Batteries Recharging


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I’m using this week to recharge my batteries so I can take on 2023 with the vigor necessary for a brand new start.

The last couple years were tough, but it taught us all a lot about ourselves. The last few weeks have even been more difficult, as Mother Nature told me what I didn’t need to be reminded of: I’m not cut out for winter anymore. After paying for one tow and sliding through last week, I did come to the realization that I have to make the best of it, however. I’m not sure how yet, but I’m not going to allow my disdain for all things cold hamper the enthusiasm with which I plan to take on the next 12 months.

We were able to spend a long weekend with our family, with news that grandbaby number two is on the way, so ’23 already has something big in store for us. We were assembled for what was to be a family portrait on a timed camera. Instead of telling us to smile, we were informed that baby number two is on the way! Instead of a picture, the video camera was rolling for family reactions.

In the last couple years, we’ve grown our family newspapers, and we’re very excited for what 2023 holds. It’s not as exciting, perhaps, as having another grandbaby on the way, but we’ll do our best to keep our local communities abreast of all they need to know. We appreciate the support of all our readers and advertisers for making what we do possible. We’re proud to work to earn your support.

We have an incredible team working hard week in and week out publishing our newspapers, and I’m incredibly appreciative of their dedication. It’s a demanding job. They’re covering meetings a few nights a week. They’re covering sports on evenings and weekends. They’re traversing hundreds of miles of territory to put a high quality product before you each week.

I never dreamed at 58 years young that I’d be putting 65,000 miles a year on that trusty 2015 Dodge Caravan and working 70 plus hours many weeks. I can honestly say that I love what I do though and am excited for as many years doing it that the Good Lord allows. Don’t tell my wife that, though. She can look down a few years and see the point where she’s filling in as babysitter when more of those grandkids arrive.

This week, my presence may be a little scarce around the office. I’m building up my strength. If the last couple years are any indication, I’m going to need all my energy for what 2023 throws my way. Chasing two grandkids is going to be exhausting.

December 28, 2022